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Central to Ensemble’s work is our collaboration with a global community of INNOVATORS AND entrepreneurs

THEY are experts in technology, business design, marketing, communications and innovation. 

Our collaborator network volunteer their time and expertise to our business partners, collaborating directly with them and our staff on specific projects. Our funders contribute financial support, helping us to scale innovative solutions to social and environmental problems. And our delivery partners help bolster support provided by Ensemble staff.


collaborateur network

Our collaborateur network are individual professionals commonly based in Europe who volunteer their time and skills in support of Ensemble’s partners and innovation projects in Eastern DRC. This support is practical and strategic - many  volunteers work directly with our partners, sharing their professional expertise, whilst also learning from the experiences of entrepreneurs in Kivu. Our community meets in London on a quarterly basis to discuss their work, solve practical challenges and brainstorm new ideas.



Ensemble is delighted to receive financial support from foundations, institutions, corporations, individuals and civil society organisations. Many of our supporters are experts in their field and provide both financial and practical support for our staff and partners. Below are some of our donors. We are also extremely grateful to the many individuals who support our work.


delivery partners

Ensemble also collaborates with a range of businesses, civil society organisations, investors and incubators. In some cases this helps business partners develop and implement new technology, access external financing or benefit from expertise outside of Ensemble’s immediate areas of focus 


interested in joining us?

Interested in learning more about the many ways that you can get involved in our work with social entrepreneurs across Eastern Congo?

Email hello@ensemblepourladifference.org