collective skills and energy


Ensemble Pour La Différence is a collaboration that brings together an increasingly wide group of people and companies who share an entrepreneurial drive and a common aim to improve daily life in Kivu by starting and growing social businesses

The people working for Ensemble in Bukavu and London are integral to this collaboration, but so too are the business partners in Kivu and those of us in Europe who volunteer finance and expertise.

We work for mutual benefit. This includes generating financial returns and opening up new opportunities for everyone, most especially for the people of Kivu. It also includes realising a deeper sense of meaning and purpose at a personal and corporate level by using our collective skills and energy to help create a more equal and sustainable society


Partners in eastern congo

Our partners in DRC run businesses of social value in North and South Kivu. Here is an introduction to who they are and what they do. Information about their impact is here


Washikala Malango

Has so far distributed over 120,000 solar lamps

Liaison Congo

Innocent Misabiro
(Liason Congo)

Provides reliable internet access and training


Domitille Vumilia

Micro hydro electric power in Nyangezi

Dr Pascal Namegabe
(New Hope Hospital)

Mends people, saves lives


Chance Urbain
Leads a cooperative on Idjwi that exports coffee

Fish Farm

Sifa Sizunne
(Fish Farm)
Local fish farm that supplies customers in Bukavu


Fidele Mutabazi
Leads a co-operative on behalf of thousands of rice growers


Esperance Kajangu
President of a women’s group with over 1000 members

Kivu Leather

(Kivu Leather)
Runs a shoemaking business, the only one in Bukavu


Manages a team of 15 women dying fabrics for dress making

Soap Kivu

(Soap Kivu)
Makes soap with locally found ingredients




Fjord is a design and innovation consultancy. They collaborated with us in supporting New Hope Hospital and setting up the Pamoja internet service on Idjwi Island. Both projects demonstrated the value of using design and technology expertise to significantly improve the situation in Kivu. Fjord contributed equipment as well as expertise whilst our role has been to ensure implementation in the local context and in response to the needs of the local people. Fjord continue to work with us to ensure that design and technology combined with investment in social business is an effective long-term development strategy.


Falling Whistles
Falling Whistles is also a charity that supports Congo. They use their skills in storytelling, social organisation and advocacy to build awareness of the situation in Congo. In Kivu we have been collaborating on the ground for two years in support of CPNCK, the coffee cooperative on Idjwi, together with Liaison Congo in Bukavu. Our development strategy needs specialist help on the ground and more recently Anders Olsson from Falling Whistles led the installation of technology solutions at New Hope Hospital and at Bugurula on Idjwi.


Open Mobile Alliance
Since mid 2017 we have been working with members of the Open Mobile Alliance to develop digitally enabled services for the communities on the island of Idjwi in Lake Kivu. The work is in the research and development phase and is focused on providing an emergency response for people in danger and also on providing basic news and weather information that is otherwise unavailable to the people


Ensemble community of experts
Designs, technologists and business people are joining Ensemble on an individual basis and volunteering their time and skills in support of the businesses in DRC or the innovation projects that are increasingly integral tour work. We occasionally come together to discuss the work but the focus is on implementing solutions and making a practical difference

Technology   Euan Millar

Euan Millar

Marketing  Laura Roberts

Laura Roberts

Project Management  Charlotte Beeston

Project Management
Charlotte Beeston

Interaction Design   Olly Watson

Interaction Design
Olly Watson

Design Research   Anneli Westerberg

Design Research
Anneli Westerberg

Marketing  Henrik Evrell

Henrik Evrell

Interaction Design   Laura Valis-Vargas

Interaction Design
Laura Valis-Vargas

Video Editing   Tim Beeston

Video Editing
Tim Beeston

Interaction Design   Jonathan Pye-Finch

Interaction Design
Jonathan Pye-Finch

Brand Design  S  haun Turnbull

Brand Design
Shaun Turnbull

Business  Rory Fitzherbert

Rory Fitzherbert

Business   Luke Gibson

Luke Gibson