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Sector: Public services

location: bukavu and goma

Partner since: 2019


 The challenge

Fire is a widespread threat across decently populated cities such as Bukavu and Goma. In August 2018, over 400 homes were destroyed in a fire that swept across the Nyalukemba neighbourhood. An estimated 2,500 people were left homeless in the immediate aftermath and to this day many have still been unable to rebuild their homes, having lost everything in the fire.

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The response

Solide Bisimwa founded Solice to provide equipment, training and maintenance to businesses and INGOs in Bukavu and Goma

Our support 

Ensemble has provided Solice with an initial loan to support their early stage development.


The results

Solice already employs four people and have secured contracts with the Bralima Brewery, Medicines Sans Frontiers and the SINELAC electricity company. Our Business Consultant, Heri Chimba is working with Solice to complete a series of tailored learning modules designed to strengthen their approach to accounting, budgeting, customer research, and sales and marketing.

Contracts with INGOs and businesses will secure the financial foundations of the business, but Solide’s ambition is to address the threat impoverished people face in their own homes. Solide is scoping opportunities to launch his own fire response service, as well as set-up community savings platforms for local people to combine their fund to purchase or hire life-saving fire safety equipment.