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community internet

The internet has bypassed much of Eastern Congo. Few people have a smart phone and even fewer a computer. Bandwidth costs are well in excess of $100 per MB per month and people study network technology without even touching a router.



Washikala has charisma. So too Iongwa. They also have a lot of business nous and together they have grown a renewable energy company called Altech that has so far distributed over 150,000 solar lamps across the DRC.


Networking a hospital

Kavumu is located maybe 40 kilometers north of Bukavu and is struggling with poverty and a high level of sexual violence, particularly against young girls. Dr Pascal and Dr Jaques work in the local hospital, fixing the breaks, mending the abused, delivering babies and medicating malaria.


Success for coffee cooperatives

Back in 2013 we provided a loan to CPNCK, the coffee cooperative on the island of Idjwi. It enabled their first ever export of a container of coffee. At that time only one other cooperative in Kivu had managed the same feat since war decimated the coffee industry back in the 90’s.