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networking a hospital


Kavumu is located around 40 kilometres north of Bukavu and is struggling with poverty and a high level of sexual violence, particularly against young girls. Dr. Pascal and Dr. Jaques work in the local hospital, fixing the breaks, mending the abused, delivering babies and medicating malaria.

Each day is tough, and is made even tougher when the paperwork gets wet, goes missing or is completed incorrectly. The admin has to be done but it disrupts their work and slows them down.

We installed a local Wi-Fi network and trained the staff in the use of tablets and a patient management system called Open MRS. It saves time and frustration when managing the needs and treatment of patients. The hospital themselves added a module to integrate billing. 

Dr. Pascal told us the system has given the hospital a reputation for quality care and that he has won a contract from the UN as a result. He also says that patients walk long distances to the hospital because of the reputation, some coming from 80 kilometres away. His approach to the job, coupled with our support, will be behind this.

However, when he says that the finances have improved so much so that he can pay for everything and still offer free treatment to the children of the poorest families, then we know we’re on track. We are now working to install the same set up in other hospitals.