A Social Business Incubator In The Eastern Congo



Sifa farms fish in Mudaka, a small town around 20 kilometres north of Bukavu. The farm is in one of the surrounding countryside valleys. She sells her monthly catch to shops and restaurants in the city.

There are surprisingly few fish farms in the Kivu region and most fish available in the markets are from the rift valley lakes further north or imported from China. We understand that live fish from China are shipped in containers on a voyage that takes three months. Whatever the journey time it must be better to farm the fish locally and use locally grown food without any additives, which is exactly how Sifa works.

Soya is grown and sold to Sifa by the women who work at Shalom and Sifa and her team grow the vegetation and other foods that keep the fish healthy. The ponds are harvested in rotation and the fish sold to pay the salaries of the staff and of course repay the loan with Ensemble.