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Altech: A Brighter future


In 2014, renewable energy business Altech operated from a mud hut. We offered a loan together with business advice and we still do both today. However, they now have offices in Goma, Kisingani and Kinshasa and employ over 350 people. They have sold 150,000 solar lamps and their track record has won them financial support from other partners including DFID.

Altech has also created a strong organisation,  found good people to help with management, learnt how the market works and developed an effective approach to sales and payment collection.

Many of us at Ensemble are involved. Apart from the financial support, we help with the introduction of mobile technology and the integration of impact measurement. We provide mentoring in business development and we have just finished the design of their new website.

They have put forward a development plan for next few years that makes a lot of sense and we are working to help finance and support its implementation towards a target of benefitting 2 million households. In 2018 Altech won a 400,000 CHF grant from the Swiss Re Foundation to help them realise this plan. Ensemble coached them through the process.