A Social Business Incubator In The Eastern Congo

Kivu Leather: The best shoes in town


Olivier Maheshe runs Kivu Leather, the only business making shoes and sandals in Bukavu. His love for the work is obvious in the way he organises his team to work to a high level of quality and the time he takes to source local materials.

Before our collaboration he worked with three employees in a makeshift workshop in a poor area of town called Kadutu. With our support, he has moved to a spacious workshop in Nyawera and now employs 15 people and makes around 2000 pairs of shoes and sandals a month.

High inflation has reduced the already dwindling amount of disposable income his customers have, so Olivier meets their price limitations. However, there are still some who have the money for customised shoes. It’s profitable work and something of a contrast to the hard work needed to sustain production at the lower end of the market.

Olivier is not disheartened. Shoemaking is his calling and he knows with confidence that his business will succeed. Learn more about Olivier by reading his profile.