High success rate

Investing in people ideas has turned out to be a very effective way of supporting change in spite of limited resources. 
Out of 18 investments made we see 16 profitable businesses created. 

Changes society

The change in society is not limited to the entrepreneurs who now run a new business or the people who work for that business. A new successful business will create a demand for new services and an increase of revenue to a community will allow new markets to grow.

In numbers

» 18 Investments has created 16 profitable businesses
» Combined turnover of $2.55m/ year
» 210 people directly employed
» 8,500 households with significantly increased income
» 50,000 people's daily life is improved
» 140,000 customers with products and services of meaningful value

Recycling the money

So far we have managed to use every dollar 1,5 times.
$500 000 in funding has lead to $750,000 invested. 
This has resulted in $2.55m in combined turnover