We integrate investment with design and technology to empower social businesses to create a better life for people in Kivu
— our mission, Ensemble Pour la Différence



We are currently supporting 18 social businesses that reach 140,000 customers with their products and services. When combined they turnover $2.55m and directly employ 210 people. They also buy from 8,500 suppliers whose income as a result is significantly increased. In practice this means improvements in daily life for at least 60,000 people including children, many of whom will now be able to go to school


We recycle loans to ensure the investments work hard and enable more businesses to participate. To date $250,000 of the $500,000 currently on loan has been recycled from social businesses that are now independent. In addition to loans we help with mentoring and advice and we introduce design and the use of digital technology to help the businesses achieve a transformative level of impact 


Kivu benefits because social businesses provide products and services that strengthen the fabric of the community, for example through improved health, better communication and easing the hardship of daily life. A stronger community breeds confidence in the future and a greater commitment to work for tomorrow as well as today. In this way we can step forward to a higher standard of living, social stability and lasting peace