We are currently providing financial and business support to 18 social businesses that directly employ 210 people and generate over $2.5m in revenue per year. 


Their activities have led to a significant increase in monthly income for 7,000 supplier households and provided products and services of meaningful value to well over 100,000 people.

The largest of these social businesses are also those that are delivering benefits to the most people and driving systemic progress in the region as a whole

For example, Liaison Congo profitably runs internet cafes and computer training courses in Bukavu that serve thousands of customers a year. With our support Altech has distributed over 90,000 solar lamps and other alternative energy products to base of pyramid customers, whilst ADPA a rice co-operative on the Rusizi Plain has been able to impact the lives of 5000 rice growers and their families


Liaison Congo

Building a chain of internet café's in Bukavu to provide training and internet access. 

Solar light 


A unique distribution model allowed Altech to distribute over 100 000 solar lights in 18 months. 



There is strength in numbers. ADPA united a poor community around rice and this has created a great success