Our recent work with Fjord to support New Hope Hospital and set up the Pamoja internet service on Idjwi Island has demonstrated the value of using design and technology expertise to significantly improve the situation here in Kivu. Fjord has contributed equipment as well as expertise whilst our role has been to ensure implementation is done in the local context and in response to the needs of the local people

Fjord are working with us going forward to ensure that design and technology combined with investment in social business is an effective long-term development strategy. They are also committed to concurrently working with Ensemble to help us develop our own internal capacity so that we can sustain this strategy in the future



Falling Whistles are also a close partner. They use their skills in story telling, social organisation and advocacy to build awareness of the situation in DRC and help catalyse actions by the world community. In Kivu we have been collaborating on the ground for two years in support of CPNCK, the coffee cooperative on Idjwi, together with Shalom and Liaison Congo in Bukavu

More recently Anders Olsson from Falling Whistles has led the installation of technology solutions at New Hope Hospital and at Bugurula on Idjwi. Our development strategy needs specialist help on the ground from people like Anders and he is now reaching out to the Falling Whistles network to find specialists who are able to contribute their time and expertise





Luminosity is a community interest company (CIC) registered in the UK that is providing financial support in the form of loans to many of the social businesses managed by Ensemble Pour la Difference, including Liaison Congo, New Hope Hospital and Shalom. Like us, Luminosity aims to help those Congolese entrepreneurs who are working to improve daily life and build businesses for the common good as well as their own.

This aim and approach is also supported by Harriet Hall and Nigel Langstaff, both of whom are philanthropic investors financing social businesses in Kivu. Harriet is co-supporting New Hope Hospital with Luminosity and collaborating with Nigel to support Altech and the installation of a micro hydro-electric power station that will be online soon.

Falling Whistles are financially supporting Liaison Congo and Shalom and working with Luminosity to secure additional finances that will help continue our program



We have friends and supporters amongst the American Tribal Style® dance community that has studios throughout the USA and Europe. They have collaborated with Ensemble to initiate two ‘Sister to Sister’ projects, one that addresses the need for contraception whilst a second is focused on women who are victims of gender based violence and sexual violence. 

The contraception project is on the island of Idjwi where UFIN has succeeded in educating 5,000 women and their partners in the value of family planning. The ATS community provides financial support to enable the women to purchase contraceptive implants. The project in response to violence is in collaboration with CVPD in Goma,  the result of which is a sewing workshop in Sake, North Kivu, where women from a variety of backgrounds can earn income and respect from the community



Civil society groups are local organisations including NGOs and cooperatives that have formed to improve the situation in the community. Some groups focus on human rights and help support people who have suffered abuse, others focus on practical solutions, for example by teaching women to sew. They have credibility with the authorities and a deep knowledge and understanding of the local situation.

To be effective on the ground we sometimes work in collaboration with a civil society group that can advise and help us implement the offer of loans for groups of people who wish to set up businesses


UFIN is the women’s group in North Idjwi that is led by Madame Esperance, the wife of the Mwami. The group has nearly 700 members and has built a compound where women can meet, cook, garden and learn to sew


The Coalition des Volontaires pour la Paix et le Developpement (CVPD) is a Congolese NGO who work closely with women’s groups in several towns in North Kivu, including Sake, Bweremana and Masisi. The organisation is led by Arnold Djuma, who has worked for many years as a brave advocate for the rights of people who have suffered from violence and slavery.