Luvungi is a commercial and administrative town on the Rusizi Plain equidistant between Bukavu to the north and Uvira on the banks of Lake Tanganyika to the south. To the east of Luvungi is the Rusizi River and the border with Burundi at Cibitoke, and to the west and south is the Ruzizi plain, which is populated with many villages. 

Here is a video introduction:

 The town’s population is about 85,000 with people living mainly from growing rice, maize, cassava and groundnuts. In some areas cattle are raised and in other areas people cultivate fruit such as oranges, mangoes and mandarins. Artisanal mining is practiced near Lubarika, Munanira and Katokota but the main income opportunity is through rice grown in areas where the water table is high.

 Many of the people are young and unemployed. They have the potential to be a large workforce but due to a lack of opportunity, young men often enlist in the armed groups commonly known as ‘mai mai’. Many other young people move to neighbouring countries where they hope to find work and a better life.

 There is a pod of hippos on the Rusizi river that might be of interest to tourists.  The same stretch of river is used by small commercial boats and canoes to facilitate trade between the people from Burundi and Luvungi.